DIY Vision Board

Vision boards are for everyone! It’s a place were you can visually see and plan all your goals for the future. The great thing about Vision boards is that it is yours and yours only. No one can tell you how to do it. This is where you can track your progress, and see your growth. A place to clearly see where you want to be in life is truly helpful.


Depending on you, your vision board can be where ever and on what ever you want. Many people use digital vision boards, cork boards, poster boards, whiteboards, and even their bedroom wall. Pinterest has some great examples! But, I’m going to share the ones I like.

I have created two digital visual boards.

success money





How ?

You will need: a either a cork board, computer program, a journal with blank pages, or a big sheet of poster board .

Spend time meditating on what you want to do and what goals you have for the next few years. You may want to start of simple like where will you be in the next year? At this time next year i’d like to be…

Keeping a journal over the next weeks will help a lot with keep your thoughts together.

Next, start organizing your dreams and goals in categories. Money, wellness, family, relationship, self-care, etc.

When your ready collect photos and quotes that inspire you to keep moving forward.

Using those photos gather your materials and start posting them in an order you like on your vision board. Make sure to keep it where you see it everyday. You will also tweak it as you go so leave room.


  1. Make it yours!
  2. There’s no right and wrong way!
  3. Express yourself!
  4. You don’t have to rush it, take your time.
  5. Have fun! Make a date with your best friend and do it together. Or set the mood with music and candles and do it solo.



10+ fantastic affirmations

10 fantastic aff
1. “I am in the process of making positive things happen in my life.”
2. “I forgive myself and set myself free.”
3. “I deserve the best and I accept that.”
4. “Good things are going to happen.”
5. “I will not worry about what’s out of my control.”
6. “I free myself from destructive thoughts, fear and stress.”
7. “Today will be a productive day.”
8. “I have tried my best today.”
9. “Today is the start of a new beginning, I will not hold on to yesterday.”
10. “I am grateful for my healthy body.”
11. “I am beautiful inside and out.”
12. “I am proud of the person i am becoming”
13. “I can do this.”

Mindful Home


Open up the blinds and let the sun in
Live with less
Sit in silence and just enjoy yout home
Make your bed every morning
Listen to your body; sleep when you need it, and eat when you need to.
Wake up when the sunrises
Keep your home tidy
Allow yourself time

5 Fast Stress Reducers

Unfortunately, we all get overwhelmed with our busy schedules. Being overwhelmed and not present is the great cause of stress. Taking bubble baths, or half hour yoga sessions are preferable, but not always ideal in the middle of your day. Sometimes, we just need to do the simple things to keep us present, and less tensed. There’s always something you can do to refocus yourself in those situations. Here’s just a few of my favorites involving the five scents:

1. Breathe mindfully. It’s one of the most important things you should do everyday.

2. Listen to positive affirmations, or say a few. Or try to listen and repeat. (You can find some affirmations on YouTube or Spotify.) Think of what you want to hear about yourself. Or if there’s a negative thought to turn it into something positive. Look at yourself in the mirror and say anything positive to get you through your day.
Examples: “I fail at everything I try, I’m not good enough for this.” turned into “I have done the best I can. I will only move forward, and continue moving forward.”

10 fantastic aff

3. Drink something hot. Brew some fresh tea, or coffee. Give yourself a little treat. Take a deep breath. Take a moment to think about the beverage and how it makes you feel.

4. Light a candle, or smell some flowers. Take in the smell and allow it to relax your body. Even if you are in an office or have pets and kids! These candles are great for everyone!

5. Indulge in a piece of chocolate, or your favorite quick snack. This you can keep in your purse (as long it doesn’t melt.) and pull out when you need it.

Speaking out

It starts with thinking what could’ve than before you know it you have lose yourself. In a way where all hope and positive thoughts has been buried. I had forgotten how much I loved to write, and express myself with painting and drawing. I thought I alone in the dark but I all I needed was to reach out. But one simple night my life started changing.

As I sit, with those who I know genuinely care, and appreciate my existences in the world, I couldn’t help but realize it was time to see a light. Not being able to help myself, I blurted out, “I need you guys.” At that moment, I knew I was not in a good place and could no longer be alone. At this moment, I was ready to take everything to heart and do whatever I could to keep those thoughts blooming.

I picked up a self help book, “The Chemistry of Joy.” I highly recommend this book! Great for anyone looking for a way to ease stress or depression. This book won’t only change your life, but it will help YOU understand the reasoning behind why you feel the way you do.

“Don’t pour from an empty cup,” one metaphor that has been on my mind since this journey of the healing process. Repeat it, imprint it, and remember it.





Destress, and Relax.

Even just a few sentences, sit down and write in a daily journal, or web-journal.

Go to the movies, or lock yourself in your bedroom, turn off social devices, and watch a movie by yourself.

Try yoga! Benefits your body in so many ways. And time isn’t an excuse, there’s videos on yoga 5 minutes long to almost two hours, beginners, prenatal, and experts. Boho Beautiful is my absolute favorite you-tuber with some kick-ass yoga moves.

Text, call, or grab a coffee with a good friend. Reaching out, or a quick vent can easily balance out your day and make you feel as if you can start with a fresh mind.

Lose yourself in a drawing or coloring. Spend money and buy a fancy adult one, or steal your child’s my little pony coloring book. Just focus on staying inside the lines, and you will quickly lose track of time. The ultimate guide to FREE adult coloring pages.

Clean! one of my favorite ways of destressing. Decluttering your house can declutter your mind. Put on your favorite music, or clean in silence. Let your thoughts come and go as you clean. Sometimes without realizing it, a cluttered house can lead to a cluttered mind.




owl coloring pages for adults


Things every Mother should hear

  1. Our failures, weaknesses, and sins are not who we are. You are an amazing mom who sometimes has rough spots. Tomorrow will likely be better.
  2. We all know how it is to be over-tired, running on no sleep and being super stressed out. But, did you also know that it is a lot easier to fall into a puddle of lies, negative behavior and depression. The more you keep yourself in that state of mind, the harder it will be to get out of it.
  3. Your kid doesn’t pick up what you do only on one day, or even one week, and they won’t look down on you for trying your hardest to make everyone happy. It really takes the sum of days, weeks, years to build up your child’s character. 
  4. You can’t let one fail, bring you down. If you mess-up it’s not as much as a big deal as you are making it. Pick yourself up, and try using your negative thoughts as a way to plan for the future.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice. Like riding a bike for the first time, or just barely passing a class. You will fail at times, and as much as you’d like to think so, you can’t be gifted in all areas of life. So, breath. Try your best, and have fun when you try.
  6. Don’t think that you are failing at a mother because a situation is hard. You are not weak and You are not the only one who is going through this. Let’s face it, Those mothers who wear the smile on their face, and act like they are super mom cannot always handle it. 
  7. You are probably thinking everyone’s house is cleaner than yours, right? Well, get that out of your head because chances are it’s not true.
  8. Sometimes your best strategy is to get some extra rest and try again tomorrow.