How to really deal with Anxiety

Is there ever a right or wrong way of doing things in your life?

No matter what we are always doing something someone disagrees with?

One thing I finally did, and not on my own, that others don’t agree with is to be unmediated.

Having anxiety, or any mental and physical illness at that, doesn’t only cause the person who has it pain, but it causes the people around them pain.

You need to find a way to cope with the anxiety that doesn’t hurt yourself nor hurt your loved ones.

Before reading forward realize, this is not for everyone, and i am not a doctor. It always wise to speak to your doctor and speak to them about your plan.

The second important thing is to not go cold turkey. This is why you need to speak to your doctor first.

  1. Guided Meditation at a set time every day-no matter what. Make that ten minutes in your busy schedule to center yourself.
  2. Don’t-I repeat Don’t- hide your anxiety. Talk about it, and let people know you are having a hard day. They won’t mind, and you may find yourself feeling a lot better.
  3. Join a support group. Yes, I said it. Support group. There is 1 in every 20 people who suffer from anxiety. There’s no better way to get through it then a support group. Talk it out with someone who feels the same way you do.
  4. Breathing exercise. My favorite. Take a deep breath, exhale inhale. Repeat a positive affirmation in your head.
  5. Set up a journal and write. In that journal try to set some goals for yourself. Later on, reading that page you will smile and remember this is what i have overcame. I am strong.
  6. Create a gratitude section in your journal. Three things every morning. You will feel a whole lot better.
  7. During the middle of your anxiety try to turn it into something positive. I know, easier said then done. But, trust me if i could do it so can you. Tell yourself this, “this is a normal way my body is reacting towards something. I am going to be okay. I am alive and breathing, My body is reacting, and for it to stop i must come up with a solution.”
  8. Find a solution. What calms you down? What do you need to center yourself? My solution is to grab a glass of ice water, go somewhere quiet, close my eyes and sip of the water. Just think about how good the water feels, and allow the coldness to wake my body up.
  9. Self-care. Create your self care routine. Follow my page for some quick self care ideas.
  10. Nutrition is very important for your health. Mind and body. Eat a well-balanced meal everyday. You need to make time for you to eat.
  11. Vitamins. Take a one a day, everyday. It will help. It’s one of the greatest things you could do for your body.
  12. Fresh air. Open a window or drink your coffee outside in the morning. Even just 10 minutes outside can wake up the body and put your mind at ease.
  13. Keep your mind busy. Allow it time to settle but also allow it to be busy when it starts to spin. Turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. If you are laying in bed with all those negative thoughts distracting you from sleeping pick up your journal, write down some positive affirmations, create a vision board or write down three positive things that happened that day,
  14. Stand up for yourself. You may feel anxious because you want to stand up for yourself but, you just can’t. If you do it you will feel so much better. Afterwards you will feel stronger.
  15. Limit your stress.
  16. Write a to-do list and if that is overwhelming, limit your to-do list.
  17. Organize your work area or home. I know i feel anxious when things are cluttered and misplaced.
  18. Pressure points
  19. Listen to music



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